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Reasons Why I Read YA Books

I had been a YA reader for more than a year and I can say that reading YA literature really changed my life. YA books changed my perspective in this world and it made me a better person I am right now.

And some of the reasons why I read YA books is because:

  1. YA is great

    YA has a lot of choices, want to dive in a strange world? want to be in a society with unique and different system? want to see people with peculiar abilities? want to unfold murders and mysteries? or you just want to follow two people falling in love, YA can offer you all that. No matter what the genre is, these books never fail to satisfy my bookworm heart. Also a lot of YA books are adapted and being adapted for the big screen, it is no doubt that these books are great because film producers are picking them up.

    check out: City of Bones, The Hunger Games, Red Queen

  2. YA has all the feels

    Having romance aspect in YA books is typical. Authors creating a love interest in a storyline that the readers will love is an A+ to a book, because not only it can make your heart jump in joy but it can also shatter it into broken pieces. YA has so much more to offer than just falling in love. It can also open your eyes on how great friendships are and how valuable a family is, giving you all the feels from smiling and laughing to ugly face crying.

    check out: Eleanor and Park, Far from the Tree, A List of Cages

  3. YA is well written

    I think part of the reason why some people don’t read Young Adult books is because they think that these books are badly written or has basic writing style, but I would say that is a poor judgement because some of the most poetic and exquisitely written sentences I read was in YA. They give cinematic experience without lengthy descriptions. And sometimes the writing can be complex, in a good a way, than you expect.

    check out: Legend, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Book Thief

  4. YA is made for everyone

    photo of my Turtles All The Way Down by John Green posted on my bookstagram

    A relatable novel or a character is always great. And part of why I read is because I want to find people whom I can relate to, and YA can give you that. As I mentioned earlier, YA is well written, and it allows me to relate more on characters especially those who are in the same age group as mine. And YA books offers a variety of characters in different gender, race, religion, and whatnot. YA is diverse and made for everyone. Whatever genre you prefer, YA has so much great stories and worlds to delve into.

    check out: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Turtles All The Way Down, Heretics Anonymous

  5. YA tackles serious problems

    One of the main reason why I read in general is because I want to be more exposed on the issues and problems of the world and society. Whenever I read books I always aim for those representations so that I can understand people well, to be more emphatic, and have better judgement. YA tackles serious issues like school shootings, political problems, drug abuse, eating disorders, suicide, rape, mental health issues, and more. They handle these problems as best as they could and sometimes these problems had experienced by the author themselves, making the representation to become credible and authentic.

    check out: The Hate U Give, Time Bomb, What I lost

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