Hi, for inquiries please read all the things written in here to avoid any conflict or traffic for your request.

In an email of book review request, I require:

  • Book Title
  • Book Author
  • Book Publisher
  • Book Publication Date
  • Synopsis
  • A link to the Goodreads profile of the book (if available)

Genres of books I accept:

  • Young Adult Fiction – Dystopian, Fantasy, Magic Realism, Contemporary, Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, etc.
  • Middle Grade Fiction – Fantasy, Contemporary, Mystery, etc.
  • Adult Fiction – Mystery, Thriller

Note: these are just the genres I mostly read and highly enjoy, if it happens that your work does not fit in any of the listed above, kindly send me an email or a direct message on Instagram, for consideration.

Genres of books I do not accept:

  • Textbooks – Dictionary, Encyclopedia, etc.
  • Non-fictions (as of now) – Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, etc.
  • Cookbooks

Formats I accept:

  • Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC)
  • Final Copy – Paperback, Hardcover
  • E-book – .epub, .pdf, .doc, eARC, etc.

Note: I prefer to have e-book format for international requests to avoid any shipping delays, expenses, and conflicts. But if you are a Philippine resident, I am comfortable in accepting any of the format listed above.

Additional Notes:

  • All my reviews are transparent and honest. I cannot guarantee that I would like your work, we all have different opinions. All of my reviews are made with my own thoughts and delivered in a respectful manner. (for more info about my reviews, click here)
  • If you require a specific post-date for my review, I highly suggest that you submit your request as early as you can. This is because it takes time before I receive the book (if shipping), read the book, process my thoughts, and write a review.
  • There might be delay to answer your email/message, I apologize. Kindly, double send your email, or send me a formal message to my other accounts (found at the very bottom of the page).

Thank you for taking the time reading my Policy. If your work fits the requirement above, kindly send me a formal request by filling out the Contact form. If you have further questions I would love to hear that as well. I look forward to work with you in the future!


Allen / titoallenph